Mamere was inspired by the love of beauty and health of its brand owner who had tried many products whether from famous domestic and international counter brand for more than 10 years. Miss Sirilak Thonglor, the brand managing director, an expert in logistic engineering, has experienced in importing natural extracts for more than 8 years and so she wishes to select the best ingredients that help restore, protect, and help nourish skin.
The magic begins when we discovered the natural extract (rare extract from around the globe). The brand selects only the best extract from best producer, guaranteed by more than 20 years of export and research and development department run by scientist, medical practitioner, and pharmacist. Our producer has passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) standard and employed most advance extract procedure that is highly effective and safe. Thus, most customer trust in our extract and order our product regularly.

Quality Policy

The brand commits to developing product quality with focus on raw material and extract of highest quality within reasonable price. The quality of product is our main concern. After service and promotion must best serve our customer and partner. We are committed to improving constantly in accordance with good health standard to create confidence of product safety that aligns with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Product highlight

Facial skin nourishment and firming product
Product made from natural extract. Highly concentrated but light in touch. Can be absorbed quickly and contains antioxidant from extract imported from Germany, Switzerland, and Japan. New innovation in Vitamin C help our vitamin C to be more stable that commonly found in other product and can be absorbed quickly. The products also contain collagen extracted using latest innovation from Japan – who is famous for Collagen extraction, resulting in smaller particle and can be absorbed more efficiently.

The key benefit of Mamere Serum

1. Return moisture to the skin and help skin restore its health
2. Reduce allergy reaction and irritation
3. Help improve facial tone without damaging skin (does not contain BHA, AHA)
4. Help skin to restore firmness and flexibility, making skin more youthful

Safety quality

Does not contain chemical that is dangerous to body. Approved by Department of Medical Science
1. Does not contain alcohol
2. Does not contain Vitamin A acid
3. Does not contain Hydroquinone
4. Does not contain Steroid
5. Does not contain mercury
6. Does not contain preservative of Paraben type